The main achievement this year is the opening of the a new auditorium at Hirabag called “Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagriha” Named after our past president Smt. Jyotsna Bhole. The opening ceremony took place on 21st October 2012 at 5 pm in the hands of the known Marathi theatre personality Shri. Shrikant Moghe. The notary persons Dajikaka Gadgil and Shri Arun Phirodiya also graced the occasion. This A/c auditorium accommodates about 250 spectators and is also well equipped with a latest Music console and stage light systems.


  • Y – Writer, Director: Shrirang Godbole, Vibhawari Deshpande
  • Bhumika – Writer, Director: Vinita Pimpalkhare
  • Party – writer: Mahesh Elkunchwar, Director: Aniruddha Khutwad
  • Alibababa aani chalishitale chor – Writer, Director: Dr. Vivek Bele
  • Yaad ke saye – .Writer, Director: Pramod Kale

Theater Workshops

  • Theater Workshop for New comers: Faculty – Harshad Rajpathak & Vedant Ranade
  • Realistic Acting workshop: Faculty – Aniruddha Khutwad – Theatre activist , past student of N.S.D. and faculty of FTII.
  • Children’s theater Work shop: Faculty : Harshad Rajpathak
  • Du & Me

    Synopsis As we all know, we live in a jet age. This is an era of connecting, exchanging and growing beyond geographical boundaries. And that has brought about a great deal of cultural crossovers, amalgamation and conflict. Uday , Uma ,their daughter Radha and grandmother Aaji live in a typical Maharashtrian, urban, upper middle class […]

  • Apoornaat Apoornam

    Apoornaat Apoornam (A two act play) Synopsis Apoornaat apoornam doesn’t have a linear story. It tells us about three individualities. For some unknown reason they come together now and again at an unknown place after a certain time interval, camouflage to be the character(s) they desire and start a new game. None of them knows […]

  • Grips Plays

    CHHAAN CHHOTE WAITTA MOTHE The play revolves around the friendship that develops between a brother-sister (Pintu and Rani) pair from a middle socio-economic background and another boy (Munna) from a lower income ‘working’ class. The subsequent hilarious antics of these children forms the main content of this play which holds up a mirror to the […]

  • Alibaba aani Chalisitale Chor

    [rev_slider Alibaba-drama-slider] [/rev_slider] Synopsis It is a story of the friends who are on the wrong side of forties. Due to sudden awareness that nothing romantic is going to happen in life henceforth they are very restless! They realize that they have achieved almost all goals in life like building up the family, raising children, […]

  • Gaayab Geet

    Synopsis In an upper middle class society of a metro city, a group of 6 children between the ages 12 to 14 go to a police station to file a complaint. The complaint is about their friend Geet, who is missing. The inspector is surprised and suspicious to see just this bunch of kids coming […]