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From professional military and regal names, we now travel right to the other end of the scale, and delve down into the gutter. Although most people in the media pronounce this next guy name like an aftershave synonym, Willie Colon name is spelled like something a lot less sweet smelling. It is fun to sit in your arm chair and make butt jokes every time a commentator mentions his name, but unless you a bigger guy than this 6 315lb Guard from the Bronx, you never make those jokes in his presence.

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Before he left, Lee wanted to thank to Kansas City for showing him a good time. Kind of talked about that and it might not be a plausible idea. Lee is loaning Kamler his likeness on a t shirt to raise money for Butler Hit A Ton Foundation and the Bishop Sullivan Center..

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Was one of the most exciting players to ever wear an ODU basketball uniform, Old Dominion Athletic Director Dr. Wood Selig said in a statement possessed a unique quality of being able to ignite the Ted with a spectacular defensive play or monster dunk that would keep the arena buzzing the entire game. Kent is most deserving of this highest athletic honor.

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Mary Louise McCollum, the daughter of a civil engineer and a homemaker, was born in Baltimore and raised on Longwood Street. After graduating from the Institute of Notre Dame, she earned a degree from the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing. Mrs. The Rangers beat the Angels 3 0 on Thursday night, and in doing so, pulled to within one game of the second Wild Card spot, gaining ground on all five teams ahead of them. The Yankees, Twins, and Royals all lost, the Mariners had a day off, and the Angels got to see the upstart Rangers first hand. Kansas City, Seattle, and Anaheim are all now just a half game ahead of Texas..

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“Tonight has been great,” Sievert said. “It’s awesome that the Kaukauna Raiders football program was given this opportunity. First off, the kids all come here to end their season and hang out with each other, and then to be able to talk to someone with the stature like James Jones tops off the whole night.

If you find yourself in Minnesota this summer, scoop up some gooseberries, which look a bit like veiny green grapes and pack a serious punch. “Like other berries, gooseberries are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants,” Zeratsky says. Gooseberries are often found in jams and preserves, but chef Todd Mitgang (of Crave Fishbar in New York City) fancies how their kick of flavor works with avocado in a salad.

Another vital area to consider is coax cable. The job of a coax is to deliver a signal from an antenna to your receiver. The more “lossy” or electrically resistant a cable is, the less signal gets to your set, the less your set has to work with to decode that signal.

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