Alibaba aani Chalisitale Chor

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It is a story of the friends who are on the wrong side of forties. Due to sudden awareness that nothing romantic is going to happen in life henceforth they are very restless!
They realize that they have achieved almost all goals in life like building up the family, raising children, providing everything for the family, earning their living successfully and fighting for almost everything in life as they deserve. They have a strong feeling that there is no aim left now for too many years to come!

For them it is frightening that something is still missing in life! They are seeking thrill in life which their younger once are already enjoying and…. may be they are jealous of them!
The story starts with an unexpected happening in a weekend party of 3 couples and their bachelor friend.
All the discussions come to an end that everybody is bored with his life and seeking a change without disturbing their family life.
It is a journey of their futile effort to get out of the routine rut but they cannot do it successfully due to social bindings and the frame of self-imposed burden of upbringing…

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