Apoornaat Apoornam

Apoornaat Apoornam (A two act play)


Apoornaat apoornam doesn’t have a linear story. It tells us about three individualities. For some unknown reason they come together now and again at an unknown place after a certain time interval, camouflage to be the character(s) they desire and start a new game. None of them knows since how long this game is going on, but now one of them is fade-up with it. He wants to end the game and reach ‘beyond’. This is possible only by the elimination of one of them, through his exclusion.
The play progresses on the borderline of realism and absurdity. It tries to fathom the human existence, it’s temporary nature, distance between to exist and non-exist and the ecstasies of the subconscious mind.
This complex game is played by three characters only. The play is supported by music and set complimentary to its complex content and expression.

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