Du & Me


As we all know, we live in a jet age. This is an era of connecting, exchanging and growing beyond geographical boundaries. And that has brought about a great deal of cultural crossovers, amalgamation and conflict.

Uday , Uma ,their daughter Radha and grandmother Aaji live in a typical Maharashtrian, urban, upper middle class neighborhood. Uma is presumably a free and modern mother who believes that her daughter needs western exposure. Hence she has enrolled Radha in a student exchange program between Berlin and Pune.Deshpande family welcomes Boris Seidler a young German boy through this exchange program.

Du and me deals with this issue in a very light hearted manner. The play talks about all the bittersweet, amusing, disturbing and alarming moments such a cultural contrast might bring about. It also says that two people from across the globe can cross over all the socio-cultural boundaries and connect with each other when they talk a common language of love.
The play unfolds various over the top and realistic situations and finally sums up assuring that children know their realities and responsibilities. They must be trusted and given space. We, as modern adults must open our hearts to various cultures and pick what suits us the best.

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